FNU Achieves Excellent Results in the Finals of College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


From November 17 to 20, the finals of the 6th China International College Students’ Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held at South China University of Technology. In this competition, FNU won the Higher Education Track Collective Awards of “Red Journey of Youths Building Dreams” ( a total of 29 in China) and two silver and five bronze awards. Among them, the two projects “Huawu Tea: Shift from Ordinary Mountain Tea to Enriching Tea” and “A Good Harvest of Barnacles: First Achieving Artificial Breeding of Capitulum Mitella Seedlings Globally” won the silver awards; the five projects “Spreading Revolution Channels”, “Lingyun Data: Pioneer in Offering Blockchain+ Supply Chain Finance Solutions”, “Bipeng Software”, “Science and Technology of Intelligent Cable” and “Kangchuang: (Global Pioneer) Efficient Hemostatic Material” won the bronze awards. During the competition, Li Xuan, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, went to the scene to visit the participating teachers and students, highly affirmed their efforts they had been making, congratulated them on their outstanding achievements and expressed gratitude to them for their practical actions to win honor for FNU.

It is learned that the competition, themed  I Dare to Break Through, and I can Create” , and centering on the objective of “Being More International, More Educational, More Comprehensive, More Creative and More Chinese”, drew 6.31 million college students (1.47 million teams) from 4,186 universities and colleges in 117 countries and regions in five continents, with a record number of projects and entrants. After the “Internet+” competition was launched, FNU attached great importance to it, actively organizing activities and publicizing it. Meanwhile, the teachers and students actively participated in and prepared for it, with a total of 4,193 projects submitted and 15,096 people signing up for it. The participating teachers and students referred to the judging rules of the competition to continuously optimize and upgrade the project materials and conducted projects roadshow. After multiple rounds of intensive training and constant improvement, among 7 finalist teams, two teams entered the finals live competition.

(Translated by Song Ke/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)