Prof. Li Jianping and Other Scholars Attend the 1st Forum on SPECC in a New Era


On November 21, the 1st Forum on Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics (SPECC) in a New Era (2020) was held at Renmin University of China (RUC). Prof. Li Jianping delivered a keynote speech, entitled Three Major Theoretical Contributions of Das Kapital and Its Contemporary Enlightenment at the conference. In his view, one of Marxs theoretical contributions in Das Kapital is the theory of labor value in the abstract and the concrete forms, which constitute an interrelated and inseparable organic whole of labor value theory. At present, we need to make efforts to deepen the research on the specific forms of labor value theory, taking into account the new situations of the socialist market economy. The second major theoretical contribution is the construction of a dialectical system based on historical materialism, which is both a method and a theory, consisting of four levels: historical materialism, objective and subjective dialectics, formal logic and mathematical methods, and methods transplanted from other sciences, especially the natural sciences. To build a socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics, we should more consciously adhere to and apply the dialectical materialist worldview and methodology, and enhance dialectical and strategic thinking abilities. The third major theoretical contribution is the theory of organic structure, which Marx called the glorious achievements of German science. Das Kapital is an artistic whole, a living organism whose structural elements (categories) are intrinsically connected, not mechanically arranged. SPECC should be a relatively complete scientific system with clear concepts, strict structures, consistent logic and Chinese style rather than a hodgepodge.

Prof. Huang Jin, vice dean of the School of Economics and deputy director of the National Research Center for SPECC of FNU, was the moderator and general commentator of the parallel forum on New Development Pattern of Dual Circulation among Unprecedented Changes in a Century. Prof. Chen Shaohui and Prof. Dai Shuangxing of the School of Economics respectively presented a paper at the parallel forum, entitled Adherence to and Improvement of the Basic Socialist Economic System and Laws and Theories of New Chinas Economic Development. Associate Professor Li Ruide of College of Marxism participated in the offline forum.

The forum, dedicated to building an advanced academic exchange platform for SPECC, was solemnly proposed by the National Research Center for SPECC of RUC, and jointly initiated by seven research centers of Publicity Department of CPC, including the National Research Center for SPECC of RUC, of Nanjing University, of Nankai University, of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, of Jilin University of Finance and Economics, and of FNU.

(Translated by Chen Bin/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)