The 2020 Annual Academic Committee Meeting of the State Key Laboratory for Humid Subtropical Eco-Geographical Processes of the Ministry of Education Successfully Held


On December 5, the 2020 Annual Academic Committee Meeting of the State Key Laboratory for Humid Subtropical Eco-Geographical Processes of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as “the lab”) was held at FNU. The attendees included Fu Bojie, academician and director of the Lab Academic Committee, members of the Committee, such as Prof. Liu Min, Prof. Tang Guo’an, Prof. Lin Guanghui, Prof. Lin Dengqiu, Prof. Zhou Shungui, Prof. He Jinsheng, Prof. He Jizheng, Prof. Cai Zucong and Prof. Xu Zhihong, FNU leaders Wang Changping and Yang Yusheng, relevant responsible persons of Science and Technology Department and School of Geographical Sciences and academic backbones in the lab. The meeting was presided over by Fu Bojie, academician and director of the Academic Committee, and President Wang Changping delivered a speech on behalf of FNU.

Prof. Fang Keyan of the lab reported on the work of the lab. Prof. Huang Zhiqun, academic backbone of the Lab, and Xiong Decheng, senior experimenter, respectively reported the latest developments in the labs related research directions. Members of the Committee present fully affirmed the lab’s achievements in the past year, conducted in-depth discussions on its construction and development, and offered valuable opinions and suggestions for the lab to develop to a higher level in terms of its development strategic planning, the development of the disciplines and the lab as a whole, talents internationalized exchanges and training, the sustainable and rapid development of field stations and other aspects.


                     (Translated by Huang Xiaoling / Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan )