Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines Holds the 10th Board Meeting2020-12-21 Philippine President Sends a Letter of Congratulation on the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the Confucius Institute Jointly Established by FNU and AUF2020-12-20 The 100th Issue of Journal of Chinese Writing Systems & International Academic Seminar on Grammatology Held at FNU2020-12-17 The 2020 Annual Academic Committee Meeting of the State Key Laboratory for Humid Subtropical Eco-Geographical Processes of the Ministry of Education Successfully Held2020-12-10 Prof. Li Jianping and Other Scholars Attend the 1st Forum on SPECC in a New Era2020-11-26 FNU Achieves Excellent Results in the Finals of College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition2020-11-26 The 6th National Forum on Marxist Ethics Held at FNU2020-11-22 The 22nd Annual Conference of Chinese?Association?for?CAPITAL Studies2020-11-22 Researcher Zhu Yu Addresses the Roundtable Forum by UN- Habitat on “World Cities Report 2020”2020-11-19 School of Economics Awarded New-type Think Tank Bases 2020-11-13 Seminar on Interpretation and Applicability of Civil Code & 2020 Annual Conference of Civil and Commercial Law Research Institute of Fujian Law Society Held at FNU2020-11-13 FNU Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program Approved2020-11-04 Deputy Director-General of Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Chen Chuxin Visits FNU2020-11-04 Faculty of Education Holds Forum on Education Reform For Masters of Professional Studies Degree in the New Era2020-10-30